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Oil change & 



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Oil change & Maintenance

Regular maintenance service to keep the engine running smoothly.

  • Conventional oil change
  • Synthetic oil change
  • High-mileage oil change
  • Drive belt replacement
  • Air filter replacement
  • Spark Plug replacement
  • Fuel Filter replacement


Tire, Wheel, & 
Suspension services



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Tire, Wheel, & Suspension services

  • Tire rotation: Switching the position of tires to extend their lifespan and promote even wear.

  • Wheel alignment: Adjustment of the wheels to improve handling, reduce tire wear, and increase fuel efficiency.

  • Suspension repair: Inspection and repair of the suspension system, including shocks and struts, for a smoother ride.

Engine & 
Transmission Services



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Engine & Transmission Services

  • Engine diagnostics: Using specialized equipment to identify problems with the engine and other systems in the car.
  • Transmission: Repairs or replacement of the transmission system to ensure the car shifts gears smoothly.
  • Engine: Replacement of the entire engine, which may be necessary if the engine is severely damaged or worn out.
  • Radiator replacement: Replacement of the radiator, which cools the engine by circulating coolant.
  • Water pump replacement: Replacement of the water pump, which circulates coolant through the engine.




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  • Smog Repair: Check engine light diagnostic and repairs to emission related equipment.

  • This shop is a 2G Station which qualifies vehicles for Smog waivers. (Call for more details)

Air conditioning services



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Air conditioning services

  • Air conditioning service / Recharge: Maintenance service for poorly working A/C systems.

  • Air condition repair: A/C systems that are non-functional will most likely need repairs. A/C diagnostic will be performed (Diagnostic fee waived if repairs are done).

Electrical services



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Electrical services

  • Starter replacement: Replacement of the starter motor, which turns the engine over when starting.
  • 12v Battery: Replacement of the battery if it's not holding a charge or has failed.
  • Alternator replacement: Replacement of the alternator, which charges the battery and powers the electrical system when the engine is running.
  • Ignition coil replacement: Replacement of the ignition coil, which creates the spark that ignites the fuel in the engine.